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Adobe Animate CC 2018 v18.0 (64 bit) offline + patch


Adobe Animate 2018, Make interactive vector animations for games, apps and the web.

Adobe Animate CC 2018 v18.0.1 offline installer setup of Adobe animate. This setup will work only on 64bit Windows. Adobe animate lets you create apps, ads and amazing multimedia content that moves and animate across screen. uild game environments, design start screens and interfaces, create interactive player sprites and even integrate audio. With Animate, you can do all your asset design and coding right inside the app.

Make your characters blink, talk and walk with simple frame-by-frame animation. And create interactive web banners that respond to user interactions such as mouse movement, touch and clicks.
You can export your animations to multiple platforms, including HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, Flash/Adobe AIR and customised platforms like SVG.

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Note that it is only working on 64 bit windows
It will not work on 32 bit windows.

It has also got 3D transformation features which can be used for animating 2D objects in 3D space. It has got a Deco tool which will let you create animated effects of trees, clouds and flowers etc. This application supports Timeliine and Motion Editor which helps users to express the creativity with amazingly powerful animations.



What’s NEW! in this version.
The camera tool now enhances the effects from zoom, rotate and pan so you can create the illusion of depth in your animations by placing assets in different planes.New wizard lets you add actions to events for the HTML5 Canvas like animating a character when you click a button.
Now it’s even easier to display time along the frame numbers and extend or reduce time for an existing frame spun.Manage the speed of your animations without all the manual work by creating enhanced ease presets for your tweens. 
Enhanced Tools performances and improved presets.Many bug fixes.


Features of Adobe Animate CC 2018 :
Adobe animate is a handy application which can be used for creating 2D and 3D animations for using in web projects.Adobe animate can easily develop games, movies and content for your mobile devices.
It has a Deco-tool which will let you create animated effects of trees, clouds and flowers etc.It has powerful set of design and coding tools.
It comes in handy for Flash/Action Script programmers, artists and designers.It Supports Time-line and Motion Editor for designing the natural motion for objects and characters.
It has Advanced Text Engine which can be used for formatting the text easily.It has 3D transformation features which can be used for animating 2D objects in 3D space.


Download Adobe Animate CC 2018 18.0.1 Offline + patch ( 2.0 GB) from here.
(file name : An.2018.18.x64.(ask4pc).rar)

Download Links (Setup+patch):
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[dlinkdu s=”1animate2018.18.0″][/dlinkdu]
[dlinkusersc s=”2animate2018.18.0″][/dlinkusersc]
[dlinkgoogle s=”3animate2018.18.0″][/dlinkgoogle]
[dlinkdaiup s=”4animate2018.18.0″][/dlinkdaiup]
[dlinkuserdrv s=”5animate2018.18.0″][/dlinkuserdrv]
[dlinktus s=”6animate2018.18.0″][/dlinktus]

Download Adobe Animate CC 2018 patch Only ( 434 KB) from here.
(file name : An.2018.Ptch.x64.rar)

Download Links (Patch Only) :
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[dlinkuploado s=”1animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlinkuploado]
[dlinkdu s=”2animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlinkdu]
[dlinkusersc s=”3animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlinkusersc]
[dlinkdaiup s=”4animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlinkdaiup]
[dlinksend s=”5animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlinksend]
[dlink9x s=”6animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlink9x]
[dlinkindis s=”7animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlinkindis]
[dlinkbd s=”8animate2018.18.0.p”][/dlinkbd]
  • Unzip the rar file you have downloaded. Use Winrar => Download Winrar Latest Full version Free |ask4pc.
    or use
  • #Remember : If password is asked anywhere in downloading or opening. Simply enter
  • You will get these files :
    1. Adobe Animate Setup (ask4pc).exe (Setup)
    2. Patch.AAn.2018.x64.exe (Patch)
    3. Ask Me(ask4pc).txt (Instruction file)

How to Install :

  1. If you have any previous version installed, Uninstall it.
  2. Disconnect your internet.
  3. Install “Adobe Animate Setup (ask4pc).exe”. (Setup is inside the folder.)


  4. Let it install completely. It can take upto 5 minutes to install.
  5. It will show “Installation Successful”


  6. Don’t run the application before patching.


  7. Turn off your antivirus. !Important
  8. Now run “Patch.AAn.2018.x64.exe” (Run as administrator)
    Click [ Patch ]


  9. It will show [ successfully patched ]
  10. All Done.. You can now start using it.

    ** Comment down for any problem, suggestion or request. **

Suggestions :

  • Before running patch , be sure to turn off your antivirus.
  • Close all softwares before installing this.
  • Antivirus may detect patch as malware, ignore. it’s false positive.
  • If it is still showing login screen, then it is not activated yet. Follow steps carefully.


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