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GoNitro Nitro PDF Pro 11.0.5 (32/64 bit) + Patch


Nitro PDF Pro 11.0.5, Make PDF editing easier , faster and better.(acrobat alternative)

Nitro PDF pro 11.0.5 is a complete software for pdf files to create , convert , edit and share them. It has very simple and straightforward interface so that you can work your way with more productively.
You can Convert your one or more pdf files with very minimum efforts.You can easily repurpose text and images from reports, presentations, and more for reuse in any other application.
With Nitro PDF pro you can directly edit your files by simply clicking and editing.Edit paragraphs in pdf and it will automatically reflowing text as you type just like a normal word processor.
It is also considered as alternative to adobe’s acrobat as it has many powerful tools to create, convert, edit, combine, secure, annotate, form-fill, and save 100% industry-standard PDF files.

Note 64bit Patch of this setup only with 64 bit setup .. If you use 32 bit patch on 64bit program(or vice versa) it will show as patched.. but it will not work. In that case you have to install setup again.


Features of Go nitro pdf nitro pro :
Creating PDF:
Generate 100% industry-standard PDF and PDF/A files compatible with Adobe Acrobat that anyone can view, with any PDF reader, on virtually any device.
Converting & Exporting PDF:
Professionally revise content using your favorite programs. Convert PDF files into Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint files, or create PDFs directly from Office.
Editing PDF:
Manipulate text, change fonts, customize layouts, and more. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you turn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR):
Create PDF files from scanned paper documents, or existing image-based PDF files, perfect for publishing, editing, or archiving.
Reviewing & Marking Up PDF:
Nitro offers a range of easy-to-use markup and revision tools that ensure accurate version control.
PDF Security:
Nitro makes it easy to fill, sign, secure, and certify PDF documents, which means your confidential information remains safe.Digitally sign and certify PDF files.


Download GoNitro Nitro PDF Pro 11.0.5 (32bit) + Patch (119.9 MB) from here.
(file name : Nit.Pdf.11.0.5.(32bit) (ask4pc).rar)

Download Links ( Arranged By Best Servers 1st ) :
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[dlinkuploado s=”1nitropro.11.0.5.x32″][/dlinkuploado]
[dlinkdu s=”2nitropro.11.0.5.x32″][/dlinkdu]
[dlinkusersc s=”3nitropro.11.0.5.x32″][/dlinkusersc]
[dlinkdaiup s=”4nitropro.11.0.5.x32″][/dlinkdaiup]
[dlink9x s=”5nitropro.11.0.5.x32″][/dlink9x]
[dlinkindis s=”6nitropro.11.0.5.x32″][/dlinkindis]
[dlinkbd s=”7nitropro.11.0.5.x32″][/dlinkbd]


Download GoNitro Nitro PDF Pro 11.0.5 (64bit) + Patch (150.9 MB) from here.
(file name : Nit.Pdf.11.0.5.(64bit) (ask4pc).rar)

Download Links ( Arranged By Best Servers 1st ) :
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[dlinkuploado s=”1nitropro.11.0.5.x64″][/dlinkuploado]
[dlinkdu s=”2nitropro.11.0.5.x64″][/dlinkdu]
[dlinkusersc s=”3nitropro.11.0.5.x64″][/dlinkusersc]
[dlinkdaiup s=”4nitropro.11.0.5.x64″][/dlinkdaiup]
[dlink9x s=”5nitropro.11.0.5.x64″][/dlink9x]
[dlinkindis s=”6nitropro.11.0.5.x64″][/dlinkindis]
[dlinkbd s=”7nitropro.11.0.5.x64″][/dlinkbd]
  • Unzip the rar file you have downloaded. Use Winrar => Download Winrar Latest Full version Free |ask4pc.
    or use
  • #Remember : If password is asked anywhere in downloading or opening. Simply enter
  • You will get these files (32 bit)
    1. NitroPro.Setup_x86.(ask4pc).msi (32 bit Setup)
    2. NitroPro.Setup_x86.(ask4pc).msi (32 bit Patch)
    3. Ask Me(ask4pc).txt (Instruction file)

    Or these files (64 bit)

    1. NitroPro.Setup_x64.(ask4pc).msi (64 bit Setup)
    2. Nitro.Patch.(x64).(ask4pc).exe (64 bit Patch)
    3. Ask Me(ask4pc).txt (Instruction file)

How to Install :

  1. If you have any previous version installed, Uninstall it.
  2. Install “NitroPro.Setup_x86.(ask4pc).msi” OR “NitroPro.Setup_x64.(ask4pc).msi”.
    (As per your windows version)


  3. Do not launch the software, exit if running.


  4. Now run “Nitro.Patch.(x86).(ask4pc).exe” OR “Nitro.Patch.(x64).(ask4pc).exe”
    (As per your windows version)
    Click [ Patch ]


  5. It will show [ successfully patched ]
  6. All Done.. You can now start using it.

    ** Let us know if you encounter any kind of problem..**

Suggestions :

  • Before running patch , be sure to turn off your antivirus.
  • Install and apply patch according to your windows version 32bit or 64bit.
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11 months ago

The link have a password no working

1 year ago

none of the links working. unable to download

zeeshan ahmed
zeeshan ahmed
1 year ago

thank you, but ‘file not exist’ on any of the servers for 64 bit.

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